Life’s lesson are always blessings.

Yes you heard the title there is no way you can tell me not. This weekend has been a hell of a world wind. But then healing was sent in form that I was so loathing yes loathing, a reading. I know I don't want to do them anymore because i believed I was passed that point, NOPE!! I fought with them for about 5 minutes the back and forth of not wanting to be obedient but know I can't win that battle so why try, lol. Ugh ok so I did the reading and really feeling reluctant too so I tried to run her off by asking for a donation of $5 or more . Nope she sent me $10 lol. Very adamant about having a reading done and wanting to know more about Reiki and every other thing in the book. i could shake her no matter what I tried so now after all this time she is now my assistant, lol. I am so thankful for her persistence she has taught me a great deal as she calls me her Earth Angel no ma'am she has that so backwards. She knows but doesn't know how much i appreciate her time and effort helping me stay on track and keeping my head in the game and for that I am grateful for the lessons she has shared with me. Thank you so much Frances Maria for believing in me before I really did.