Updated: Feb 25

Together we are here and united you were led to delectibles77 for a reason and that reason is Naomi's Light (Mrs. June Hinson)

I can sit here and tell you so many things but in all reality you yourself have to meet her and have her tap into your energy it is so amazing. I never knew what Reiki was until I met Naomi's Light on ticktock her energy from her live was breath taking and comforting and as time went on, I always looked forward to her lives and became so curious and wanting to learn more. I now have attended her Reiki 1 classes and have finished and in that I have learned so much. We as people do not know all the wonderful things that wait for us and yet the learning will never end. I am blessed to be a part of Naomi's Light and delectibles77 God has blessed me with such an amazing earth angel, friend, and sister 🙏🏽

Just know this is just the beginning of a new journey because once you have been blessed with Naomi's Light you will never be disappointed. Thank you thank you Naomi for all that you do and continue to do I love you, my sister!